Jim McNary joins Consortium from a tenured career with Mercer Consulting

COLUMBIA, Md.-November 15, 2016. In anticipation of the retirement of Miriam (Mimi) Leonard, Consortium Health Plans' Board of Directors has announced the appointment of James P. (Jim) McNary as President and Chief Executive Officer. McNary will assume this role Tuesday, November 15.

McNary joins the Consortium from Mercer, where he served as the North America Regional Business Leader for Health and Benefits, providing strategic direction for the health care practice during a dynamic period in the industry. Prior to joining Mercer, McNary, a veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Officer, was a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group.

"As U.S. health care continues its rapid evolution, the Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® System is uniquely positioned with its extraordinary market presence and deep local relationships to seed and scale the innovation needed to transform the market. It is an honor to have the opportunity to work with the Consortium and its Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan members to make health care work better for everyone", McNary said.

Ken Dallafior, chairman of the board of the Consortium and President, Health Plan Business at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan said, "McNary is a strong and seasoned senior leader who has built a reputation as a force in the industry. He brings to the Consortium a depth of knowledge and a perspective on the needs of our employer customers and consultants that will prove extremely valuable."

McNary joins the Consortium during a period in which the Blue Cross and Blue Shield System is deploying its strategic assets to lead the way in value-based payment transformation. With insights made possible by the industry's largest pool of health care data and the influence of broad national provider relationships, the Consortium, under McNary's direction, will work with Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies and large employers to innovate for improved quality and lower cost of care.

Founded in 1994, Consortium Health Plans was formed by member Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans to provide a central coordination point for member plans that have national employer customers and provide the sales analytic and marketing support necessary to insure that Blue Cross Blue Shield remains the preferred choice for large national employers. Currently, the Consortium represents 21 member Plans and 27 million national customers.

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About Consortium Health Plans

Consortium Health Plans was formed in 1994 to help its founding Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans position themselves as the preferred choice for national accounts.

Now a national coalition of 21 leading BCBS Plans, Consortium provides a clear and unified voice, as well as effective central coordination, for the Blue System among national accounts and the consultants and brokers who serve them.

Consortium does not replace the working relationships that consultants and brokers have with individual Plans. Rather, Consortium harnesses the significant strengths of the Blue Plans to give these producers a single point of contact to:

  • deliver a consistent Blue message to the market
  • identify and report on Blue Plan capabilities
  • provide consistent annual RFI responses for all Blue Plans
  • quickly answer diverse questions about national account capabilities of the BCBS System
  • troubleshoot communications issues and help resolve any producer concerns about what BCBS can do for their clients
  • connect them with the right individuals within the BCBS System who can help them advocate for their clients
  • provide written materials to support the Blue value proposition